World Toilet Day!!! :0

Did you know that today is world toilet day. In Africa and many places like that there’s family’s that have  to squat just to go to the toilet. Many children get diseases  from squatting because it runs into their water supply, they drink it and well there you go. Many children get diarrhea from this, did you know that a child from all over the world that has to squat dies EVERY 15 seconds, can you imagine that thoses poor children. Know one deserves to squat. We should all help by donating to world toilet day? or some foundation like that! click here to check out a World toilet post

Roman Foooood :)) haha

In my class we’re all studying something, we’re in groups. My group and i are researching Rome i’ve got two recipes for you guys, you may like them 🙂

Ingredients to Pasta
5 to 6 ripe tomatoes
1 clove of garlic
one large onion (diced)
olive oil (extra light virgin olive oil)
Dip the tomatoes into boiling water for a few seconds. This will loosen the skin so that they are easy to peel. After you’re done peeling, dice the tomatoes and put them on the bench or something for later.
In a large skillet add about three tablespoons of olive oil. Add the diced onion and sliced garlic. Cook until the onion is tender. Then add the tomatoes, also Add basil for taste.
While the sauce simmers cook the pasta in boiling water. Experiment until you find your favourite. (I like spaghetti), When the pasta is soft, drain the water off.
Pour the cooked pasta straight into the sauce and stir. And add the cheese.

Egg Custard recipe

500 MLs (2 cups) milk
100 g (3½ oz) castor (superfine) sugar 1 vanilla bean, split and scraped
3 egg yolks
50 g (1½ oz) cornflour (cornstarch)


Bring the milk, 50 g (1½ oz) sugar and the vanilla bean to the boil in a heavy-based saucepan over a medium heat

Meanwhile whisk the yolks remaining the sugar together, and then gradually fold in the cornflour to make a pale yellow paste.

Carefully pour small amounts of the boiled milk onto the yolk mixture, whisking to add in. keep going until you have used about half the milk with the yolk mixture. Return the remaining milk to the heat and bring to the boil. Remove the vanilla bean and carefully whisk in the yolk mixture. (At this point you must work fast and carefully as the mass will form quickly). Continue mixing the thickened cream until it returns to the boil. Transfer to a clean, dry bowl and cover the surface with cling wrap. Chill until required.

To use the cream once it has been chilled, beat until smooth. An electric beater gives a much smoother result than beating by hand.

Enjoy 🙂 i may have some more on the way!!

Robyn Moore (Blinky Bill) :0

Yesturday we had an assembly, Robyn Moore (the voice of Blinky Bill) came to our school, She does lots of voices but Blinky Bill was the best one. She talked about the voices she does and also how she helps out at the make a wish foundation, it was very sweet. There was a girl that wanted to go to Disney Land (i think) or something like that but she couldn’t go she was too sick, So she wished for a laptop, One lady said why?, She said so she can write goodbye notes too her friends and family (I thought that was so sweet i nearly cried) :’)

What i’m researching at the moment!! :)

In my class at the moment we are researching stuff such a Stone age, Greece, Rome, Egypt and Mesopotamian(Ancient Towns). My group and i are researching Rome, i think that it is very intresting. We have just started but we have yet to go 🙂 xx  We have to present it, it has to go for atleast 20 mins CHALLENGE haha

Motivation media presentation. :) x

Yesterday this guy came to my school. He and some other people had put this video together. They talked about being motivated. Some of the stories were true in the movie and some were false. It was interesting, When it got to the boring parts there would be some good music to entertain you. There was some very good parts. There were two guys who planned to go from Australia to New Zealend it took them 62 days. There was a thing that was pulling them back it was like a whirl pool. i thought that it was very good! Anyway i gotta go and do some work :/ lol x 🙂

A time i didn’t have to come to school!! :]] ♥ !

Well there is one time. I went into hospital with my mum & sister. I won’t say why because it is personal, We got there at 7:30pm  and got home at 5:30am i was very tired! i said to mum ‘i’m not going to school tomorrow’ she said ‘It’s okay’. When i was at the  hospital i stayed awake until 3:00am that was the best i could do. At about 9:00pm i walked out to get a soda and i seen this old lady collapsed. ‘Poor girl’ i thought i am very lucky that my sister got in very fast! when we got there, there was a lot of people already waiting. i’m glad that my sister was to get in fast but i really didn’t want to be there for that long. My sister stayed in hospital for too days. After we got home i went to bed straight away, my mum had pretty much know sleep. So that’s why i stayed home x :]]

Goals 4 term 3

My School: School is going quite well. It is last term and i can’t believe how fast the year has gone. When i first started high school i was really shy. My first friend at this school was a girl named Jessie and later on i got more confident! I had made more friends. Later on i got more friends such as Daedre, Bessie and some other cool people. My goals for this term is to do all my work, not to interupt the class and the most important one to be a good student! and also to be nice to people even if i don’t really get along with them.

Home: My goals for home is i will be kind to my brother and my too sisters (sometimes). I will help around the house like doing the dishes and stuff like that. Help my mum when she needs the help with stuff. I will be kind to my mum. And all the other stuff like that. If mum tells me no that i can’t go somewhere i will accept that!!

Behaviour/Attitude: I think that i have improved a lot in my attitude from last term. I have been respecting the teachers and others! I have been much nicer to my mum and others. Im not that mouthy anymore. I respect people even if i don’t really like them. I can be very nice to people. But for the people that really bug me i will loose my temper! I have to learn to control it. All i can say is i have way improved since last term and i have also been really nice to my mum!